Get on the Go

This morning I woke up to a purring, affectionate cat demanding all the snuggles I could spare. I could not spare too many because I was on a tight schedule. Still, I couldn’t resist just a little and I settled in for a few minutes of quick pets and then reluctantly, to feline looks of shock and betrayal, got out of bed.

I looked out the window to discover a greyish white world. Fog covered everything. I was supposed to take a greyhound bus to Toronto for a doctor’s appointment. I called the cab early, as usual, not leaving any extra time for foggy delays because I usually get to the station with about 15 minutes waiting time before the bus arrives.

I dial. The phone just kept ringing.

“What could be going on?” I wondered. In case I had called the wrong number, I hang up and call again.


I try again, and just let it ring this time.

Finally I get through, request the cab, and am told; “we’ll be as quick as we can, but we’re running really behind right now”


20 minutes later, there’s a cab. Hooray! Not in time to get to the bus though (6:45) Boo! It’s ok, there’s a train (7:12) that should still get me there on time. Hooray!

I asked the cab driver if the fog was playing havoc with everything.
“Well,” he says “the busses are on strike so that’s been causing everyone problems”

The busses are on strike? Great.

Turns out that last week when they averted the strike at the last minute, they didn’t actually vote/finish voting on that deal until last night I guess?

I have zero idea how this works, but what I do know, is that last week I knew about it and had factored it in. This week? Nope.

Also, you know how I said there was a train at 7:12 that would get me there on time? Yeah. It’s now 7:20. At this point, I’m just hoping that when a train comes, it’ll end up in Toronto. Not Narnia.

Anyway, here are some pictures of foggy spiderwebs I took while I was waiting for the train to come.






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  1. I think, on the balance of it, I’d prefer Narnia. Pretty spider webs.


  2. I think you’re right. The Magical Land of Therapy isn’t nearly as much fun. No talking lions for one thing.


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