Mike, look what I saw!

Walking to Timmies on this auspicious morning of my first day of gradually returning to work, I happened across what I thought at first was a dirty sidewalk:


Then I looked closer:



It was ants! I noticed a few with wings, and thought they might be all part of the same swarm. On closer inspection, the winged ants were larger than the bulk of the crowd, aand they were all either dead and being carried away, or dying and being attacked and dragged down by the swarm. So it wasn’t a swarming colony. It was a victory dance!





You may notice that the pictures are all not near the thickest part of the swarm. This is because I do not want to have the opportunity to be photographed with an ant beard. Even staying at the fringes, I noticed that I had a couple passengers. One was as far up as my arm!

So anyway, wish me luck on my first day back at work!

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