The neighbour’s roof is haunted.

Maybe it’s a Banshee…


Didn’t make any noise though. Possibly it was a banshee scouting out good rooves (roofs?) for later, when the apocalypse comes and it needs to let out a good long wail because at that point it won’t matter whose roof it is standing on. Everyone will need a banshee cry. It’s a banshee longing for the day it’ll be needed the most.

Maybe not.

With those eyes, it was probably a cyborg lazer-mammal bent on world destruction. Or just roof destruction. Maybe roof construction? Possibly it was trying to repair the shingles and dropped its hard-hat. Then it turned on its lazer eyes to see where the hat had dropped.

Nah, I’m just kidding. I know it’s most likely the undead soul of a vengeful housecat, grown twenty times it’s normal size with the ferocity of it’s hatred for… gutters.

Yeah, I’ll go to sleep now.

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  1. Run. Run now.

    It’s probably too late, but on the off chance that thing had a nap before finding its hard hat and teaming up with the spiders – run.


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