I Almost Died!!! (not really)

So… when my cat yawns, he opens his mouth really wide (as you would expect) and then SMASHES his jaws together with a juddering clack. Just a bit ago, I was absent-mindedly petting him and then turned away to adjust a pillow, leaving my hand dangling in the air near the cat. Apparently, he yawned and my finger had drifted into his mouth? I don’t know how it happened, I was looking the other way. Don’t ask me difficult questions.Anyway, the first I knew of it was when I heard a diminutive “click” and felt a little warm dampness and something hard on either side of my first finger.I looked over and saw my finger swallowed up in Holler’s mouth! He was a little unhappy because of yawnus-interruptus, but I was just relieved that 1) my finger had lined up between his sharp, meat-rendy teeth and 2) that he had realized the idiot human has stuck her finger in my mouth and I’d better not smash my teeth closed.Not a mark on me, but still: I Almost Died.As a nice, non-deathy way to finish up this post, here he is pretending to be a panda:

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