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Morning Muddle

In a misty meadow near your house,

A frog leaped up; He was scared of a mouse.

“It’s morning!” He cried. “Too early for guests

Sneaking up on my house at their own behest.”

“But Froggy,” Said Mouse, “’twas not me who transgressed,

“But yourself at my door passed out and still dressed!”

“If you cannot hold your alcohol,

Perhaps you are better not drinking at all!”

Cozy Room

Once there was a girl who never left her room. She slept all day and all night and sometimes she watched tv. When she was hungry she ate delicious food delivered to her door and when she was thirsty she drank the sweetest water from a bubbling spring that fed right into a tap in her room.
One day she decided that she wanted to go outside. When she left her warm cozy room and ventured into the outdoor world, she found it cold and unpleasant. She never went out again. (Until the spring)

The moral of the story is: Winter is cold and I don’t like it.